Contemporary Art By Artist: Andrew Nawroski

The Argument


We first met

Sat and stared

Vacant as when born

Time past

All changed

You pushed me hard

In the chest

I asked why

You turned away

I grabbed your shoulder

You squeezed my hand away

I tugged your hair

You turned and kicked my shin

I trod on your foot

You looked wild

Then bit my ear

I grabbed you tight

And held you down

You bent my fingers

I ripped your sleeve

It hung from your shoulder torn

So you ripped at my shirt

Buttons flew about

I stood in a rage

And threw your best shoes out the window

You screamed

And poked me in the eye

So I bit your hard

On your bare shoulder

You slapped my face

Then scratched my cheek

I let it bleed

And smeared your front

You scrambled away

To a drawer

Took a knife

I backed away

Into the kitchen

And grabbed a knife

We were like pirates

Fighting with swords

Grunting and panting

You stabbed my leg

I fell

Pulling you down

Onto your knife

Cutting your side

We lay on our backs



With knives in hands

Turned our heads

To look each in the eye

And grinned

We pulled our bodies close

To embrace tight

As our lips met

Both knives plunged deep


We became never before so close

As both together met eternal sleep.


One response

  1. So voilent.
    Yet i pick up a certain beauty in this

    March 24, 2010 at 12:19 am

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