Contemporary Art By Artist: Andrew Nawroski

The Ecological Paradox.

Drawing: Black Sheep Trying to Go to Heaven.

  • Giant angel sat knitting hills and trees
  • with silken thread and unicorn mane,
  • needles of finest golden steel
  • when finished looked down to see.
  • From diamonds with sapphire leaves
  • monster did prowl!
  • with legs and arms like serpent bear
  • did rip down all trees without a care.
  • Angel with tear in eye
  • flew down-
  • and asked monster
  • ”Oh monster serpent bear why?
  • Oh why”??.
  • Big monster with slits for eyes
  • and grin of rotten teeth replies,
  • ”Your trees are to beautiful for my eyes
  • to see, so no one can enjoy such reverie”.
  • Angel seeing monsters saddened paws,
  • and granite weeping eyes
  • ”Poor monster serpent bear,
  • I will make some trees for you alone
  • to enjoy everywhere”.
  • Monster shuffled away and sat
  • solemn and glum
  • with head drooped began to cry.
  • Angel sat high above
  • began to knit with gossamer thread
  • and serpent tails,
  • Soon down below
  • new trees began to grow.
  • Like towering jungles their leaves did hold
  • such animals no one dare see,
  • monster looked up
  • a smile began to spread
  • across his stone chiselled head.
  • He bound to the nearest tree,
  • and climb high did he,
  • amongst such beasts above the ground
  • wild did roam.
  • Then gathered enough leaves and branch
  • with vine like rope he twist
  • all to shape a splendid home.
  • As time past by
  • monster soon forgot
  • all in his path that fell
  • and ways of old where he begot.



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