Contemporary Art By Artist: Andrew Nawroski

9/15 to Bristol.

Tannoy orchestra made wait

Grinder arriving from crystal cavern

Rain glistening sparkle

Plopping suction sees thunderous roar

Waiting like urgent animal

Shuffling rustling clothes

Pussy foot aboard.

Backs making space


Greeting of yawn

All tickets gone.

First station.

all prayed..

Pressed faces on cold glass,

No dark over million way!!

While train speeds over nebulae,

at slow and gravel

as feet draw sparks

From carpets of marble.

Off again!!

Fast to slow skidding awhile

heads wide as a mile,

Tomorrow never comes!

our train likes nothing,

Animal or Brain.

Rumbling, and swapping,

rubber, metal, glass & carpet

Never change or miss.

Fool of a man!!

Never be still with a woman

who  passes her mind,

On trains made by lovers blind.

‘Ticket’s please!!!!!’


Fresh smile,

New yawn tightens the frame.

Papers rustle to be creased

soft clicks soothes ear,

all dreams gone.

Next station!!

Visitors to temple carriage!

Smelling like freshly cut lawns,

sit, and wave motionless at nothing-

Skins tighten at top speed.

Papers become iron folded

placed down for anyone,

Making like newly printed money.

Destination arrives!!!!

Like a body builders weights,

slowing begins

Stomachs widen

iris shrinks.

Like some travelling cathedral

Train comes to a HALT.

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