Contemporary Art By Artist: Andrew Nawroski

Cinema Love.

All seated to nearest times
Bags of sweets different kinds
Crushed velvet seats
One arm rest apiece
Eyes ready and wide
Sound fills the air
15 lecture’s on how to shop
Quick films coming soon
Film begins to play.
Novic moon waxing Exploding
Myriad dreams
I thought you were beautiful
Tried to reach for your hand
Falling in love over African beasts
Dancing through flower fields
Rolling mists
Raises eyes skyward
In meadows of fire
Constant implosion explosion
Terrestrial heavens
Planets of astronomers
Forms of life to much to dream
Universe brain of God.
Lights are raised slightly
Everyone sweating
Lights soften
Film returns
In a solitary room
Like a hanging museum
Coloured purple, red, blue and white
Motionless on fresh carpet
Legs like steel gates
Heads slightly back
Drift away night
To war and conquer
On smouldering owl breaking nights
Crystal black water
Shine azure diamonds
Solid moon
Hello! yes! hello! Yes! Hello! Yes!
Yes! yes! hello! hello! Yes! Yes!
Sparkling flowers across your body
Dance soft echoes breeze
Lights brighten
We all stand and leave.

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