Contemporary Art By Artist: Andrew Nawroski


First a world all mine
Eating odours
With astronomers eyes
I could touch horizons
My paws where giant
That crowned my head
Striding puppy legionary
Across forbidden fruits.
7 Days 7 nights.
My belly  stung
Hung like sacked bricks
From ribs of dried wood
On grating claws
And cracked paws
I searched for earlier delights
In places you only visit
When dead
For to long
Nothing but stanched cud
And chewed granite
Lifting me up
On dark hills
Seeing human speech
I sensed what it meant
So nice you appear.
Trying to show people
Where I had been
All to far
No one could see me
Wanting to say
I no what you mean
When you speak
I just whimpered
Weeping silently
Trotting close
To speeding metal
Wildly Entranced
On coloured hum’s
Drawn to another side
Needing to walk through
All speeding  breeze.
12 days 13th night.
Night became
Lighter than day
When pain took hold
And sleep lasted
For nothing
Cud tasted better at night
I would just swallow
Then be off
Over hill and dale
Sky grew lighter
Hum would drive me down
To some road
Running on cracked blisters
Seeing the coloured hums
Demented and wretched.
I came to a new place
Where all coloured hums collected
Near a big building
I sniffed its walls
And dashed through moving doors
Running through towering racks of food
I wagged my tail
At shouting people
And ran amongst isles
Stopping to wet
Like God making rain
People shouted louder
I was grabbed
From behind
Around my neck
And taken
To a small room
Unable to be still
Needing to be amongst rotten cud.
They took me away
In a coloured metal hum
I became conditioned
And forgot how they spoke
All memories erased
Of metal colours
And giant nights
But maybe soon
Ill be off again
With giants paws.
Dash written after rescue of a stray spaniel trying to eat the food out of my basket in Spa mini mart at Caerleon Wales UK Thursday 27th of February 2009.

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