Contemporary Art By Artist: Andrew Nawroski

Mind Game.

Blinking eye catches sight
Twisted words on body twisted tight
This way, that way, which way next
Made for you, all out of context.
Blind vision, blind body, blinded
Burning brain driving mind-ward
Who started it first, to late to tell
Your life is now a living hell.
Bring me down, bring me up
Read those tealeaf’s in my cup
They say its just for you
This mind game cut in two.
Alone you finally stand
Mighty prize in your hand
Stupid grin leaves a crease
Where agony did never cease.
In voice gesture or verse
Mental incest be no worse
Just a scar with blood to drip
Enough to sink a battleship.
A clown could clearly tell you why
That your truths are a simple lie
and best your days in a simple dream,
To make your skull cry out then scream.

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