Contemporary Art By Artist: Andrew Nawroski

The Embrace (safe sex).

Over visions of tortured souls
I ascended
and  made union with your heart
Waiting like a gazelle cheerleader
you opened your condom filled wardrobe
I became high on lubricating jelly and rubber
With heaving chest you inflated one
It grew massive and raised you up.
As you ascended out the window
I grabbed your ankle
Like two dangling mannequins
We floated high above the ground.
Your white sock became loose
so I climbed up your leg
and held your waist
We ascended higher
It took us out beyond all visible sky
We were proud and breathed hard
Our eyes like full moons.
Slowly ground came into view
and we both splashed into warm salty water
We rolled over each other
Then lay with our backs on soft sand
Fine spray sprinkled our bodies
as we watched our condom
Slowly float out to sea.

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