Contemporary Art By Artist: Andrew Nawroski

Union Jack.

Bread and CHEESE, or a Snippet from Dostoevsky.

‘TODAY’ I am having bread and cheese for tea
Mark me! No ordinary bread and cheese
But special Dostoevsky bread and cheese
“Meaning” crustily dried bread,
encasing penicillin spotted flaking cheese
With prelude of three symphonies
Giving praises to all cheese.
It is a rats delight!
From mighty culinary power
I hope to shit the bed when asleep,
then wake to a new morning refreshed.
19 Alternate titles:
1. Artist’s Pay Day.
2. The Intellects Diet.
3. 76 Word Bad Menu.
4. Dostoevsky’s Love Life.
5. Shakespears Blink of the Eye.
6. Old Mother Hubbard’s Nightmare.
7. Chekhov Screws Marilyn Munroe.
8. One Critic’s Lecture about Nothing.
9. piE r Squared = 2 Cheese Sandwich’s.
10. I Love You More Than Words Can Say.
11. Okay! But I’m Slowly Starving To Death.

12. The Cat ate the Turkey on Christmas Day.

13. The Dog Has Started Acting Strange Again.

14. How Not to Write a Poem about Love and Life.

15. Say Cheese and Smile When you take the Picture.

16. Don’t Forget to Bring a Bottle of Wine Round for Tea.

17. Quick Put the Radio on There Might Be a Program on Cheese.

18. June 2010 – 65 Words in Cyberspace Torn from My Soul and Heart.


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