Contemporary Art By Artist: Andrew Nawroski

The Cuckoo.

New Nawroski writing

Far away over hill cuckoo lost
fostered unknown nest
got rid of any cost
some foul thing pest.

Soon aware elephant size
sweating parent fed
feeling such perfect prize
waiting down to shed

Eating all ready to fly
slant grin never see
parent feeling good ridence my oh my
off you go another tree

Sits perfect trance
black sheep of the sky
waiting for another chance
given looney egg and fly.


Distant lunatic planted free obscurity
Unsung Fosterling nester
Spent free toll royalty
Aproximate shanky affair pester.

Shortly cognisant proboscidian measure
Diaphoresis nurture enriched
Sensing extreme consumate treasure
Expecting plume get ditched.

Depleting wholly quick shall vaporise
Twisted smile ne’er free
Nurse notion fine away chastise
Dispatch yoo cuckoo former tree.

Postures consumate becharms
Coal whool of flight rectory
Ready again to arms
Affords lunatic ductus deferens trajectory.


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