Contemporary Art By Artist: Andrew Nawroski


Memory of Love.

A Falling Petal.
Within palisades of our mind
Secretive moments of love pass through dreams,
And find solace inside a chamber of watching memories.
Reminding each and every memory
How to be an eternal dream,
Whilst all palisades slowly fall inward
Taking away any desire,
Leaving a solitary furtive moment
Alone to weep.

Union Jack.

Bread and CHEESE, or a Snippet from Dostoevsky.

‘TODAY’ I am having bread and cheese for tea
Mark me! No ordinary bread and cheese
But special Dostoevsky bread and cheese
“Meaning” crustily dried bread,
encasing penicillin spotted flaking cheese
With prelude of three symphonies
Giving praises to all cheese.
It is a rats delight!
From mighty culinary power
I hope to shit the bed when asleep,
then wake to a new morning refreshed.
19 Alternate titles:
1. Artist’s Pay Day.
2. The Intellects Diet.
3. 76 Word Bad Menu.
4. Dostoevsky’s Love Life.
5. Shakespears Blink of the Eye.
6. Old Mother Hubbard’s Nightmare.
7. Chekhov Screws Marilyn Munroe.
8. One Critic’s Lecture about Nothing.
9. piE r Squared = 2 Cheese Sandwich’s.
10. I Love You More Than Words Can Say.
11. Okay! But I’m Slowly Starving To Death.

12. The Cat ate the Turkey on Christmas Day.

13. The Dog Has Started Acting Strange Again.

14. How Not to Write a Poem about Love and Life.

15. Say Cheese and Smile When you take the Picture.

16. Don’t Forget to Bring a Bottle of Wine Round for Tea.

17. Quick Put the Radio on There Might Be a Program on Cheese.

18. June 2010 – 65 Words in Cyberspace Torn from My Soul and Heart.

Internet Hell.

Jellified crystalline buttons
Owing gas meter displays,
Animal mind recesses
On glycogenic , psychedelics addiction.
Batman marries cat-woman
Social network God disease,
Playing subconscious mind games
Central park brains.
Dream killing machine
Epitaphs timer,
For noose and tree
Dance on pages
Taking your free.
Morning poolside arenas.
Paedophiles and schizophrenics
Stinking sit
Walk away
Midget pigmy style
and take a shit.
Email ceremony devorces
Password money,
Check it out
Desk top e sign
Fake diamond chime.

NHS Glasses.

Strained was my vision
So off to the optician
Who did a proper job
Poked around
With this and that
Mechanical pen light
Looked up and down
Side to side
Left and right
Saw some charts
All blurred
Then I became scared
When I looked into a box
With protruding lights
A sharp blast of wind
That blinded me outright
With all this done
And I became ready to run
Here sir!
‘The finest lenses polished with sand
Eager to try them out
I put them on
Felt a proper lout
I looked into a mirror
Suddenly my face went all a quiver
And hair began to spout
From my ears
Shoulders and chest
As I looked more
I turned into a horse
They brought me some hay
Said now go away
So off I went
Not happy at all
Off home with glasses in tow
When there
Found it hard
To go with the flow
But managed to sit and stare
Wide eyed
Like stallion mare
At things
I couldn’t see before
Then I became aware
This wasn’t real for sure
Something has gone wrong
In all those tests
These glasses
Giving me unrest
Tomorrow I returned
Wearing glasses by Lucifer
Walked in the shop
and started naying.

Dream Lover.

Holding a war heroes Knife
Close you Laugh in my ear
And enter my body through my side
Moving upward to the medial pre-optic area
Then steal my very soul
You hide it in the fridge
Rumbling like a nuclear dialysis machine
Along side some sausages
It waits solitary
Changing the kitchen.
After two weeks
With Solvang hound of Satan
You call again
Slip gently through my side
Snaking backwards
This time to the hippocampus and temporal lobe
Again you steal my newly regained soul
Then hide it behind the curtains
They swish forward
Moving like torn dancing parachutes
Or wind blown crinoline frocks
I staple them down
To the window frames.
This time after four days
You return with twenty four priests
Through my naval this time
Shooting like an express train
Up to my inferior collicus
And steal my regained soul
This time hiding it in the wall cavity
Staples fly from window frames
Curtains become rigid like starched collars
And the walls recede backward
I press my ear to the wall
Trying to listen for my soul
Begging for it to return
I press my eye against the flat surface
Hoping to see it
All I see is people filled rooms.
It comes every night now
Slowly slipping in
Through my side
Upwards to steal my soul.

The Embrace (safe sex).

Over visions of tortured souls
I ascended
and  made union with your heart
Waiting like a gazelle cheerleader
you opened your condom filled wardrobe
I became high on lubricating jelly and rubber
With heaving chest you inflated one
It grew massive and raised you up.
As you ascended out the window
I grabbed your ankle
Like two dangling mannequins
We floated high above the ground.
Your white sock became loose
so I climbed up your leg
and held your waist
We ascended higher
It took us out beyond all visible sky
We were proud and breathed hard
Our eyes like full moons.
Slowly ground came into view
and we both splashed into warm salty water
We rolled over each other
Then lay with our backs on soft sand
Fine spray sprinkled our bodies
as we watched our condom
Slowly float out to sea.

Strange Whispers.

Sometimes Whispering
I hear voices
not normal voices
I see them whispering
when I lay down
a clicking finger sound
travels around me
then loud whispers say
time to wash all meadow’s.
One eye is dilated
Staring at my wall
I blink and see more whispers
There are 3,042 hairs
On my left hand
I count them every night
With my dilated eye
and fall to sleep.
Waking I hear more whispers
Gentle soft whispers
Coming from corners or walls
They follow me about
Then stop whispering
I can’t find them
But they soon come.
I hear them in a city
Coming from windows or doors
As I hear them
They grow in size
Whistling me over
Beckoning like virgin prostitutes.
In deep resonant country
They come and follow me
From field corners
Or fallen tree’s
As I listen they seem stronger
and sometimes I see them
Making colour shapes
They shoot forward
Silently through my body
Then start whispering
I try to hear words when they begin
But there are many
All jumbled up
Occasionally I make out some words
Short sentences louder
And they hurt my ears
I want to tell someone
But find I cannot
Maybe I’m insane.

American Gothic.

Made in nature perfected skies
Tomorrows dreams through emerald eyes
With lazy ghosts coming down
On machine of machines in canvas gown,
Bleeds your skin into jewel’d blood
and makes new Adam supposedly good.
A churning breath from all we’ve done
Brings to life a supreme machine son,
Replica Christ dressed in scientific glory
New new testament, a so called new story
That could bleed us all dry in red
Then saturate our world with living dead.
But come oh mighty scientific statue
Some day you could bring us to
A land of plenty with blessed love
and baptise with saintly dove,
You alone eternal one in everlasting steel
The devils pact or scientific deal.

Meteors chiselled
Into intelligent statue’s
For apprehensive glory,
Of a zillion memories
To alpha, omega, Zen, Buddha, Krishna, mathematics and science
Timeless, stand still waiting
As God’s lookout on a mountain peak
Headfirst tumble down,
And crash through sacred cathedral roof
Shattering into a thousand intelligent statue’s,
Who after singing praises to the Lord
Walk away looking for Christ
Within the heart of a new mountain,
And again climb to its peak
So they can look out for God
Only to once again fall head first downwards.


Over cracked ground
Armed backhanders wait
Striking you down
Like tax on a fly.
Charcoal eyes blink fast
On burning generals children
Beckoning Lucifer awake
Riding a grinning Russian dog
Slowly falls down
A widening crack.
Breaking our world apart more
It spins
On bent axis
Through time and space
and slows right down
Till we all disembark.